Sacramental Program for children

In the Archdiocese of Perth the preparation and reception of sacraments is family-focused, parish-based, school- and PREP-supported. You may download a copy of the policy here.

The parish is the community which forms us in our Catholic faith.
Some of the children in the sacramental programme attend the parish school or other Catholic schools, some attend government schools, some other private schools. What unites them all is that they belong to the parish which gathers every Sunday for Mass.

Children who do not attend a Catholic school will need to take part in PREP as well as attending the preparation for each sacrament.

Sacramental co-ordinator: Pauline Marlborough

First Communion 2019 Information Letter
Sacrament of Penance 2019 Information Letter

Completed for 2018

Enrolment and Commitment Mass – Saturday, 24 March at 6pm

Workshop – Wednesday, 13 June at 5pm or 6.30pm

Retreat – Wednesday, 27 June

First Communion – August weekends

Thanksgiving Mass – Saturday, 8 September at 6pm

Enrolment and Commitment Mass – Saturday, 23 June at 6pm

Workshop – Wednesday, 25 July at 5pm or 6.30pm

Celebration of sacrament – Wednesday, 19 September at 6pm

Thanksgiving Mass and presentation of certificates – Saturday, 20 October at 6pm

Retreat – Wednesday, 24 October, 8.45am – 2.30pm