Catechesis or PREP

“Catechists who staff the Parish Religious Education Program are generally volunteers. They are ‘doorway people’ who share their faith with children and connect them and their families with the parish. They perform their work on behalf of the whole parish community.”

Catechist co-ordinator: Marie Sadler
Catechist: Desriee Andreone

PREP classes are on Saturday 4.45 – 5.45pm during term. Please introduce yourself and your child to the catechist when coming for the first time.

The parish offers an after-school programme to help children attending non-Catholic schools grow in faith and prepare for the sacraments. The programme is also open to children in Catholic schools who have not been baptised or who have not received the sacraments with their year group.
This after-school programme is called PREP or the Parish Religious Education Programme and is run over three terms during the year. The programme is volunteer-based and the parish is grateful to its catechists.
Children are encouraged to attend beginning in year two.
There are special programmes for children preparing for reconciliation, first communion and confirmation. Generally, all children wishing to receive the sacraments here have to participate in some parish preparation. More information can be found here.

Parents need to fill in the following consent form. Parents will also need to be aware of the code of behaviour for children taking part in parish activities.
Information on the safeguarding project and the latest forms can be found here.